Cabling and infrastructure, networking and Wi-Fi

Is your infrastructure future proof?

Is your network & infrastructure future proof?

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Do you have the right cabling & infrastructure for your business?

Fusion IT Services can connect all your IT services together to deliver a reliable and robust network & Wi-Fi solution for your care home or business.

Network & Wireless (Wi-Fi)

  • Reliable fully managed solutions
  • Business and Guest Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Provision
  • Care home specialist


Internet Provision
In an increasingly digital world it is essential to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Structured Cabling
From small offices to large businesses or care homes, we can help you build a reliable network with our cabling & Wi-Fi installation service.

Telephony & VOIP Services
Implementing a robust network infrastructure will enable your business to work from anywhere in the world! Take advantage of cost-effective VOIP solutions and make your business adaptable to new challenges.